Brainstorm for factors that can cause global warming and for its possible consequences.

2 Write down what you understand by global warming and compare your vision with your partner's. Global warming reveals itself in ..........

3 Read the statements and put them in the appropriate column 1 and 2 (1.Evidence of global warming in the natural world or 2. People's response to the effects of global warming) . Ice-covered territories of the Earth are shrinking in size. The level of the ocean is rising constantly. The number of environmental projects on TV is increasing. The amount of carbon dioxide in the air is increasing. The temperatures are rising all over the world. Scientists of different countries are working on clean energy projects. The ozone layer is getting thinner and ultraviolet radiation gets through it more easily than it used to. The word "desertification" has been used a lot in media recently. People are getting more environment-conscious than they used to be. A new reason for migration has been registered in immigration laws of some countries. Now they recognize "climate migrants". Work in pairs.

Read through the opinions. Fill in the bubbles in your WB 1 with the factors which, according to the speakers, may contribute to global warming.

I know that every time people fly somewhere, they contribute to the global warming effect. A plane emits carbon dioxide and other harmful gases. And the number of planes, their capacity and speed are growing all over the world. Obviously, it's not very good for the environment.

People don' t often pay attention to minor energy consumptions. For example, they can leave the bathroom light burning all through the night, or don't close the fridge door. They can boil some water and forget to make tea. Then they boil it again. They may let hot water running in the kitchen for no reason at all. One person's energy waste may not be very important for nature, but.. .there are lots of people in the world.

Lots of people buy big off-road vehicles. Those cars are designed for driving over rough ground -- across the mountains or roadless countryside. However, people often use them for city driving. It's silly and irresponsible to drive fuel-consuming cars when it's not necessary.

People burn huge amounts of coal and oil in order to produce various goods and nice packaging for them. People often buy things they don't really need, they just want to replace an older model with a more prestigious brand. They buy more than they are able to consume, and throw away a lot too. Isn't it silly to use energy to produce unnecessary things and then use it again to eliminate the waste?

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