If we want to understand our prospects and avoid catastrophes and disasters, we shouldn't ignore the fact that the world is getting warmer and should try to find out more about global warming. Let's study how the process affects our world. Read and study the instructions on how to do the project "Global warming".

Guidelines for the project: Read the hypotheses and split into three groups according to the area you are going to research ? how global warming affects land and vegetation ? how global warming affects animals ? how global warming affects people • Step 1: Read the text and answer the questions to be sure that you have understood it. Then choose the most appropriate conclusion at the end of the text. • Step 2: Give some other examples of how human activity contributes to global warming and environment pollution. • Step 3: Make some research to find out if people around you are environment-conscious or not and how they feel about global warming. Use the form and do a survey and find out peoples' opinions. Write a report on the results of your research. • Step 4: Confirm / reject the hypothesis. Make up a presentation "Global warming and its effect on land and vegetation / animals / humans". Use any other additional material (statistics, newspapers, photos or articles from the internet, etc) if possible.

PROJECT Global warming and how it can change life on the Earth Hypothesis 1: Global warming can change the geographical profile of the Earth and its vegetation cover. Hypothesis 2: Global warming can make lots of animals extinct, which will upset the balance of the environment. Hypothesis 3: Global warming can affect people's health, lifestyle and well-being dramatically.

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