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While making your project don't forget about useful links I've given. Add your own webliography.Read all the information you've got and put into your portfolio and decide if it confirms the hypothesis or not. Make up a presentation of your web-site according to the plan. Study Teacher's evaluation,Group/peer evaluation scheme.


Listen to the presentations of the other groups. Ask questions.

Choose between the two conclusions on the problem.

1.The process of global warming is accelerating and presents a serious threat to the Earth and its inhabitants including people. We need to make every effort to find a solution very quickly.

2.The process of global warming is progressing, but its consequences are very much exaggerated. We don't need to worry too much about it and should concentrate on more important issues.

Brainstorm for the ideas on what could be done to fight climate change. Discuss them and agree on three which you consider applicable and most important.

to apply energy saving technologies to use solar energy to use wind power to reduce consumption to ban environment-aggressive industries to educate people to find clean energy sources

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